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Quickly Restore iPhone/iTunes/iCloud Backup to Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ without Overwriting

Switching up to a new Samsung Galaxy S20? You'll want to restore a complete backup of your old device to make sure you don't lose any data. It's critical to always maintain a recent backup of a phone in case your phone is ever lost or stolen or breaks unexpectedly. If you were an iOS user, Apple will gives you two ways to do a backup: iCloud or iTunes. When get a new Samsung Galaxy S20, you need an effective way to restore backup files from iCloud or iTunes to it. We are going to discuss how to get all the important personal information go with you after switching to the latest Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+.

transfer data to Samsung Galaxy S20 phone

Tool Required: Syncios Data Transfer Win / Mac

Do not worry about how much data is on your old iPhone, iCloud backup or iTunes backup, with the help of Syncios Data Transfer, you can perform the data transfer from iPhone/iTunes/iCloud backup to Samsung Galaxy S20 quickly, without any hassle or any data quality loss. The transferable data types are extensive, including contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, bookmarks and so on. Besides, you can also use this Syncios Data Transfer software to backup and restore your phone data with ease.

Features of Syncios Data Transfer:
✿ Transfer contacts, photos, SMS, music and videos between devices safely and easily.
✿ Restore iTunes backup and iCloud backup to mobile devices quickly without iTunes
✿ Get music and videos from iTunes Libray to phones simply
✿ Works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, Nokia and more smartphones and tablets.
✿ Fully compatible with Windows PC and Mac

This tutorial will offers a simple and effective way to sync all data including contacts, text messages, photos, call logs, bookmarks and more from iPhone, as well as iTunes and iCloud backup to Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ with a click. Download and install version you need from below and follow our instructions.

1. Transfer Files from iTunes Backup to Samsung Galaxy S20 without Overwriting

Step 1: Simply install Syncios Data Transfer on your PC in order to begin with transferring. Open the program and connect Samsung Galaxy S20 to computer via an USB cable. Enable USB Debugging mode, if not, enable the debugging mode by your own. Keep you phone unlocked all the time. Navigate to Restore mode from the primary interface. Choose iTunes Backup under this mode.

Keep your phone unlocked and check any pop-up message on your phone. Turn on the USB Debugging mode. Once through, hit Restore option featuring over the main page. Select iTunes Backup tap from "Restore" interface.

transfer iTunes backup to Samsung Galaxy S20

Step 2: If you've backed up an iOS device on your computer via iTunes, Syncios Data Transfer could locate your iTunes backup automatically. After loading, select a iTunes backup then return to "Restore" interface. Click on Next button on the lower right.

choose itunes backup

Step 3: Tick off contents you need and uncheck others. To load the seleted contents, still, click on Next then wait for data loading. After loading, hit Next to start transferring iTunes backup files to your Samsung Galaxy S20. Syncios Data Transfer will merge the restored files with your current phone data without overwritting.

transfer iTunes backup to Samsung Galaxy S20

2. Transfer Files from iCloud Backup to Samsung Galaxy S20 without Overwriting

Step 1: Run Syncios Data Transfer on your Windows PC or Mac. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S20 to computer and keep it unlocked in case you need to follow instructions when Syncios prompts. Some prompts will be ignored by some users, then you need to fix the detection issue manually.

Step 2: Navigate to Restore > iCloud Backup and tap Next. Your will be required to log in with your iCloud account. Your privacy is guarantteed owing to the privacy policy of Syncios. No private information will be recorded.

Once you have thoroughly signed in, the backups associated to your account will be enlisted in the tool screen. Just, opt for the suitable one and tap on Download. This will save the backup file into a local directory on your PC. After that, return to the primary "Restore" interface. Click on Next button on the lower right.

sign in with icloud account
download icloud backup files

Step 3: From the next screen, you can choose contents from the iCloud backup file that you recently downloaded. Mark the contents you require. Once you’re satisfied with your selection, tap Next to load the selected data. Finally, hit Next button on the bottom right corner to initiate the transfer. Syncios will merge the files from iCloud backup to your Samsung Galaxy S20 instead overwrite the original files on Samsung.

restore icloud backup to Samsung Galaxy S20

3. Directly Sync iOS/Android Data to Samsung Galaxy S20

Step 1: Start Syncios Data Transfer on your Windows PC or Mac. Launch the program, and connect both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S20 to computer via USB cables. To transfer data between two devices, choose Transfer mode when its primary window appears. Follow instructions provided by Syncios to set your phones. Choose Trust on iPhone and turn on USB Debugging mode on Samsung (Android) phone.

Once phones have thoroughly recognized, you need to confirm that the source and target phones are in the correct location. If not, click the "flip icon" button on the middle of primary interface to swap their locations. Your iPhone must be detected as Source device. (It's on the left). And your Samsung Galaxy S20 should be detected as the target device (It's on the right).

iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20 phone transfer

Step 2: When your phones are on the right place, you can check the data or contents you want to transfer, click Next to mark contents you need. Once done, click Next to load the selected contents. When it's done, start the transfer. Syncios will merge the files from iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S20.

select contents from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20 phone


With Syncios Data Transfer, you don't have to spend a lot of time on the stuff such as restoring iTunes and iCloud backup when switching from iPhone to an Android phone. If this guide helps, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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