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How to Transfer Photos from Huawei P9/P9 Plus to Computer

Huawei has released the newest product Huawei P9 and P9 Plus in London, April 6th. The headline feature of P9/P9 Plus is the dual-camera system, which owes to the corporation with Leica, both cameras have 12-megapixel sensors, one for colors, while the other for black and white. The two cameras work simultaneously to bring you better quality of photos, and here are Huawei P9's other key specs:

  • 5.2-inch, 1080p display (5.5-inch, 1080p on the P9 Plus)
  • Supports microSD cards up to 128GB
  • 32GB of on-board storage (64GB on the P9 Plus)
  • 3,000 mAh battery (3,400 mAh on the P9 Plus)
  • 3GB of RAM (4GB on the P9 Plus)
  • P9 colours: gold, rose gold, grey, silver
  • P9 Plus colours: gold, grey, white
  • huawei p9 preview

    Huawei P9 is a stylish smartphone with distinct features. Since when you purchased a new one, you may take a lot of photos with the dual cameras system, of course, you need to transfer these photos to computer. So here are four ways to show how to transfer photos from Huawei P9 to computer.

    Method 1: Transfer P9 photos to computer by using USB cable

    This method could be very primary and may not be cool. But sometimes the simplest way can be the most effective way.

    Step 1: Connect Huawei P9 to your computer via USB cable, and your computer will recognize it as a removable USB drive.

    Step 2: Drag down Notifications panel from the top of your Huawei P9's screen, connect as "Media device(MTP)". Click "ok" when the "Allow USB debugging" pop out.

    Step 3: Ensure Huawei P9'S drive installed succecefully on your computer. Open the Portable Devices and find "DCIM", where all the photos saved.

    Step 4: Select and copy the pictures what you want to transfer from your Huawei P9 to your computer.

    huawei p9 preview

    Method 2: Download Huawei P9 photos to computer from Huawei cloud

    This way can be very easy as long as your Huawei P9 connected to WiFi, however sometimes it takes much time if you have to transfer a lot of photos. Huawei provides every customer free cloud storage called HiCloud, almost 176 GB storage available if you don't pay for more. Let's follow the steps as follow:

    Step 1: Find and tap the "HiCloud" on your Huawei P9's screen, input your Huawei account and password(you need to sign up at the first time).

    Step 2: Select and turn "Cloud Photos" on, your photos will upload to HiCloud automatically.

    Step 3: Ensure all your photos upload to HiCloud successfully, open and log in HiCloud on your computer, select the photos you need to transfer to the computer.

    backup photos from Huawei P9 to pc

    Method 3: Sync Huawei P9's photos to computer via Syncios Manager

    Syncios Manager is a free and helpful application, which makes it easy to help you sync all types of files to your computer from your Huawei P9 phone. The best advantage of this approach is that with visual interface, you are able to preview, edit, manage photos on computer, besides, you could choose and transfer certain picture from Huawei P9 to PC. Tips are as follows:

    Step 1: Download and Set up Syncios Manager on your computer, connect your Huawei P9 to it.

    Step 2: Click on "Photo" under the "My devices" interface.

    Step 3: Select photo(s) what you'd like to transfer to your computer.

    Step 4: Click on "Backup" and choose your backup path.

    Transfer pictures from Huawei P9 to computer

    Method 4: Transfer all photos from Huawei P9 to PC on one click

    The final method could be the easiest and the best way to transfer your P9 photos to computer, since Syncios Data Transfer only takes you ONE CLICK to backup all DCIM photos from your Huawei P9 to computer, finish its job even better than you expected. What's more, it enables you to restore iTunes/iCloud backup files to Huawei P9 as well, including contacts, text messages, music, videos, bookmarks, etc, worth a try!

    Step 1: Download and install Syncios Data Transfer on PC. Connect Huawei P9 phone to it with USB cable.

    Step 2: Click on "Backup" from the homepage.

    Step 3: Tick off "DCIM photos" on the checkbox, then click on "Start Copy", your photos will be transferred quickly to the computer.

    backup photos from Huawei P9 to pc

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