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How to Remove/Delete/Clean Up Messy Contacts on Your Android Phone

To some extent, the Contacts App on our Android device does a pretty job, it allows us to import contacts from a variety of sources. However, you will find that email accounts and social-media profiles has left your address book on your Android more chaotic than a Best Buy on Christmas Day Special Offer. What we should do now? --- Cleaning up messy Android contacts is the priority. To get a neat looking address book, you can clean up your contacts list by merging and deleting contacts on your Android device,

Three different possible solutions to delete, merge or clean up the duplicate contacts from your Android phone will be introduced in this tutorial.


Solution One: Delete Duplicate Android Contacts via Android Built-in Contact App

If your Android phone’s contacts app is cluttered with duplicate entries, here is an easy and efficient way to fix it.

merge duplicate Android contacts

Step One. Open your phone’s contacts and tap the “Merge Contacts” option.

After you tapped on the merge option, the phone will start scanning your entire address book and provide with a detailed duplicate contacts list. You are allowed to choose whether you want to merge all contacts with matched information such as phone number, etc.

Step Two. Open your Contacts again to verify that all duplicate entries are gone.

To prevent the duplicate information being residued, simply select Contacts to Display option and choose a single source (preferably your Google account) from where the phone shows the contacts.

Solution Two: Remove Duplicate Android Contacts from Gmail

merge duplicate Android contacts from gmail

>> Sign in to your Gmail account.

>> click “Contacts” on the left side of the Gmail page.

>> Click the “More” menu and select “Find &Merge Duplicates…” option from the drop-down list.

>> Once the duplicate information listed, choose “Merge” and all your duplicate contacts will be merged into one.

Note: Please verify contact synchronization is enabled and select “Auto-Sync” or “Sync Now.” After that, the duplicate contacts will be removed from your device too.

Solution Three: Remove/Delete Android Messy Contacts in One Click via Third-party App --- Syncios Mobile Contacts Manager

Free download this Mobile Contacts Manager and have a try.

Win Version

Top Features of Syncios Mobile Contacts Manager:

Clean up android contacts or delete contacts from Android:

remove Android contacts

Step 1: Run this Mobile contact remover and connect your Android Phone to your PC.

Step 2: Once your Android device gets connected, click Contact tab on the left panel.

Step 3: You can delete Android contacts in batch or selectively.

To delete all Android contacts at once, simply select all contacts on your Android phone by clicking the empty box on the upper-left side and then click Delete button.

You are also able to delete selective contacts via this Android Contacts manager, just select the contacts you would like to remove and then press "Delete" option.

Note: if you are an Apple user and have the same concern to clean up you contacts on the iPhone, iPad, iPod. Syncios Mobile Manager also works well. With Syncios, you can delete, create, edit iPhone, iPad, iPod contacts. Besides, you are allowed to merge or delete duplicate iPhone contacts.

More Tips: How to merge or delete duplicate iPhone contacts with Syncios Mobile Contacts Remover for free

remove Android contacts

Step 1: Run Syncios and connect your iPhone to your PC.

Note: Please make sure iTunes has been already installed on your computer for running Syncios correctly. But you do not have to run iTunes.

Step 2: Press Information tab on the left panel, and click "Contacts" option. All iPhone contacts will be listed in the main window. Just select all contacts, and then hit De-duplicate button.

Step 3: You can choose any item (Exactly matched, Name matched and Phone Matched) you need from Match Type from the pop-up text box, and duplicate contact information will be displayed in detail.

remove Android contacts

Step 4: You can click Don’t Merge or Merger Button beneath the contact information. You can also click Merge Selected button on the lower-right corner after selecting all duplicate contacts.

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