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How to Backup & Restore WhatsApp Chat History on Samsung Galalaxy S6

Why Should You Backup WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp Messenger - a universal communication app, is onse the most popular smartphone messenger application offered for mobile device like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 and S6 Edge, etc. People usually saves tons of messages or conversation on their WhatsApp on Android. Unfortunately, many WhatsApp users lost their important history chats because of phones being lost, stolen, breaking, or some random freak of nature, and some others were hassled how to transfer chat history over to theri new Android phone.

Therefore, we now want to show with our manual how to transfer the WhatsApp chat history from an old Android smartphone to the new Samsung Galaxy S6, or backup WhatsApp messages from Samsung Galaxy S6 to computer, then you are able to restore it whenever you want .


How to backup WhatsApp conversations from Samsung Galaxy S6 to computer?

Save the complete WhatsApp folder from your Samsung Galaxy S6 to your computer. To do this, follow these steps:

Backup WhatsApp messages to SD Card Firstly

  • • Open WhatsApp app on your Samsung Galaxy S6
  • • Click the three dots in upper right corner and choose Settings.
  • • Under Settings, click 'Chat settings'.
  • • On following window, choose ’Backup conversations'.
  • • Now, the history chats are saved on your GS6's internal memory.

Tips: If your Android phone have external SD card, the chat history (WhatsApp/Database folder) would be located in your external SD card. The easiest way to move WhatsApp conversations is to install the SD card to your new phone..

Backup whatsapp conversations

Copy WhatsApp database to PC

  • • Connect your phone via a USB cable to the PC.
  • • Double-click Computer > Portable Device >Phone.
  • • Head to the WhatsApp / Databases folder.
  • • Right-click to copy the complete folder to local hard disk.

copy whatsapp messages to pc

Tips: One-Click Backup WhatsApp

You can use free Syncios Mobile Manager to backup and restore WhatsApp Messenger on Samsung Galaxy phone by drag and drop WhatsApp.apk , which enables you to transfer photos, apps, songs, videos, contacts, etc between Android and PC easily.

As a utility mobile transfer, it supports all smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android OS, provides several handy toolkit such as YouTube Video downloader for Android/iOS, Audio & Video Converter, Android/iOS Ringtone Maker, etc.

Win Version

One-Click Backup Eeverything on Nexus 6P

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages on Samsung Galaxy S6 or New Phone ?

If you hard reset your GS6 or manually factory reset it, this will erases everything on your phone including your WhatsApp app and its attachments. How to recover WhatsApp history chats on Samsung Galaxy S6? (For iOS user, please refer to our previous article on how to recover lost whatsApp messages on iPhone.) If you have completed the above steps, installed the app from the Google Play Store and connect your GS6 to computer via USB cable. Then, move the previously made WhatsApp database backup to the folder 'Computer > Portable Device >Phone' in Samsung Galaxy S6 or new device.

Last but not least, verify the same phone number in WhatsApp that you had when you backed up your chats. Follow the instructions on the display and click 'Restore' when prompted to restore your message history. You will be able to see all your history chats from WhatsApp again very soon.

tipsTips: This tutorial works for not only Samsung Galaxy S6, but also the other Android phone such as HTC, Moto, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, etc.

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