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6 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+

WhatsApp is an instant-messaging service to communicate with other cellphone users on any variety of smartphones. The service features group messaging, voice messaging, video messaging, Geo-location and the ability to send images. So, the number of active users of WhatsApp is growing day-by-day. It allows users stay in touch with people around the world in such a very useful way and what's more, It is almost free. In this guide we’ll show you how to transfer WhatsApp messages to Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus.

transfer WhatsApp to Samsung Galaxy S10

If you’re one of the WhatsApp users who just switched your device, you definitely don’t want to lose the chats history including media files. Then, migrating WhatsApp chats is what you should do as soon as you get your new phone. If you want to transfer WhatsApp chats to Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus but feel it is hard to find an efficient way, then don't worry. In this article, we will teach you how to transfer WhatsApp chat history to Samsung S10 in three different and simple ways.

Part 1. Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Galaxy S10 via Local Backup

Local backup is the automatic backup of your chat history to your phone’s WhatsApp folder. The folder is located in your device’s internal memory or external SD card. Unlike transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S10, it is pretty simple to transfer WhatsApp messages between Android devices using local backup.

Step 1 : If you've installed and saved WhatsApp on an external SD card, simply take the SD card out of your old phone, and put it into your new Galaxy 10. Browse for the WhatsApp folder from within the internal memory after connecting it to a computer. Find the latest backup file with .db.crypt extension and copy it to your computer.

Step 2 : If you've saves data to internal memory, you need to browse for the WhatsApp folder from within the internal memory after connecting it to a computer. All the backup files are saved with a date. Scroll down and find the latest backup file with .db.crypt extension and copy it to your computer.

whatsapp databases

Step 3 : Get your Samsung Galaxy S10 and get WhatsApp installed from Google Play Store. But do not launch WhatsApp now. If you've installed WhatsApp to on your new Samsung Galaxy S10 before, you need to uninstall WhatsApp then reinstall it. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S1 to the PC via USB. Because you've already downloaded WhatsApp onto your new handset, the folder WhatsApp / Databases should now exist. If not, you can manually create a new Databases folder in the WhatsApp folder.

Step 4 : Now, copy the previously saved .db.crypt backup file into the WhatsApp/Databases folder on your new Samsung Galaxy S10. Verify your phone number then you would be notified that a message backup was found. Just tap on Restore, and you're done. After a few seconds, all of your messages should have appeared on your new device.

Part 2. Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to Galaxy S10 via Google Drive

WhatsApp data for Android devices is backed up on Google drive, thus you can transfer WhatsApp from Android to Galaxy S10 through Google Drive without any glitch.

Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your old Android phone. On the main interface, navigate to Menu button > Settings > Chats > Chat backup where you can view the backup options under Google Drive settings.

Step 2. Click on Back up to Google Drive and choose a backup frequency (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) other than Never to back up WhatsApp automatically to Google Drive. If you need to back up now just tap Back Up. All of WhatsApp chats will be backed to WhatsApp cloud server.

backup WhatsApp chats with google drive

Step 3. After backing up WhatsApp chats to cloud server, install WhatsApp on your new Samsung Galaxy S10. If WhatsApp was installed on your S10 before, uninstall it then reinstall it.

Step 3. Launch WhatsApp on your S10 then verify your phone number. You will be prompted to restore chats and media from Google Drive. Follow the instructions. After the restoration process is complete, tap Next and your chats will be displayed once initialization is complete. After restoring your chats, WhatsApp will begin restoring your media files. Just wait with patience and keep the internet connection stable.

Note: If you change your Google account, you will not be able to access your backups that are linked to a different Google account.

Part 3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Samsung Galaxy S10 using Syncios WhatsApp Transfer (iPhone/Android to Android)

It's a more direct way to transfer WhatsApp conversations to Samsung Galaxy S10 with the help of WhatsApp Transfer tool. Among many WhatsApp tool designed for managing Samsung WhatsApp data, Syncios WhatsApp Transfer should be the tip choice. You’re allowed to backup iPhone/iPad/Android WhatsApp data to computer, then can restore to Samsung Galaxy 10 with ease or export to computer as a readable html and csv file. Follow the details below.

Video Tutotrial - Quickly Transfer iPhone/Android WhatsApp to All Samsung Phones

Step 1. Haven't installed Syncios on your computer? Tap one button above to download one. Then open it on your computer. You can find 4 modules in the interface. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 to computer via a USB cable. Remember to enable debugging mode on your Samsung (how?). Start Syncios and open WhatsApp Transfer" on the start-up interface. When get ready, enter Transfer WhatsApp between two devices section. Or you can backup old iPhone/Android WhatsApp data to computer at first via "Backup WhatsApp" mode on the mian interface.

syncios whatsapp transfer

Step 2. When both the source device and Samsung phone are connected, you need to check their positions. The target Samsung phone is on the right. Then simply click on Transfer button to begin. When finished, You can see an on-screen prompt informing you transfer complete. All WhatsApp chats and WhatsApp attachments are transferred from the source device to Samsung phone.

select iphone whatsapp to transfer

Part 4. Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Samsung Galaxy S10 using BackupTrans

Besides, you can also use BackupTrans to transfer WhatsApp messages to Samsung. Read the steps.

Step 1. Prior to using BackupTrans for WhatsApp data transfer, you need to allow USB debugging for your Samsung Galaxy S10. Download and install Backup Trans WhatsApp Transfer on your computer and launch it. Make sure you have installed iTunes 12.0 or above on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your old iPhone/Android device to computer with an USB cable. When prompted with a popup on your phone, tap on Back up my data. Then click on OK on your computer. It will back up the old Android device WhatsApp on computer, you can view it over computer.

Step 3. Get your Samsung Galaxy S10 connected to computer. On BackupTrans main screen, click the iPhone/Android Phone in Devices list you want to transfer WhatsApp Messages from. And then choose the "Transfer Messages from Android to Android" or "Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android". Select the target Android device (Samsung Galaxy S10) and click on Confirm to end the process.

transfer WhatsApp chats to Samsung Galaxy S10 using BackupTrans

Part 5. Email WhatsApp Chats to Samsung Galaxy S10

Unlike transferring WhatsApp from an Android device to Samsung Galaxy S10, it's hard to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S10. There is a little trouble for the limitations on Apple’s part. But what we need to do is to find a solution instead of complaining. The most direct and simple way is to email WhatsApp from iPhone to S10.

Step 1. Start WhatsApp program on your iPhone and navigate to Settings on the main interface. Find Chat settings, then click Email chat from the showing list.

Step 2. Here you are allowed to select WhatsApp history that you want to transfer. A window will pop out says that “Attaching Media will generate a larger email message”. Choose Without Media or Attach Media according to your needs.

Step 3. And then enter your email number at the sending interface and click Send.

Step 4. Now, get your Samsung Galaxy S10, log in your email on S10. You can view your WhatsApp messages at email from Galaxy S10. But you can’t sync WhatsApp messages to your WhatsApp application.

Note: This is not suitable for massive transfer. It could be a trouble-maker to email messages from contacts one by one.

email WhatsApp chats to Samsung Galaxy S10

Part 6. Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Samsung Galaxy S10 using Wazzap Migrator

You can try to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Samsung S10 using Wazzap Migrator as well. But you will need an additional iTunes backup extractor program to extract WhatsApp chats from iTunes backup to your Android phone if you want to accomplish the migration. It allows transferring photos, chats, videos and other media files. The process is bit tedious and complicated. But the WhatsApp migration between iOS and Android could not be easy.

Step 1. Take a WhatsApp backup prior to transferring the messages to an Android phone. Open iTunes on computer and get your iPhone connected to the PC.

Step 2. On the iTunes main screen, tap your device name and go to Summary tab on the left sidebar. Click on the Back Up Now option and take backup on your computer.

Step 3. Get an iTunes backup extractor program - Syncios Data Recovery. Download and install it on your PC, then start the program. Choose Restore Phone from iTunes Backup mode from the primary interface. Choose iTunes backup detected by Syncios to download and load. After data loading, select WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments, then tap on Recover to retrieve the WhatsApp backup file from the iTunes backup to PC.

Step 4. Now, connect the Samsung Galaxy S10 for transferring the WhatsApp file extracted from iTunes backup. Download the Wazzap Migrator app from Google Play Store and launch it. Click on the Select iPhone Archive option and track the recent iPhone backup file there. Select the file from computer.

Step 5. Now, the transmission process takes place automatically after finishing a specific checklist essential for initiating the WhatsApp message transfer.

transfer WhatsApp conversations to Samsung Galaxy S10 using Wazzap Migrator

Part 7. One-Click to Transfer Contacts/Messages/Music/Photos/Videos/Apps/Bookmarks to Samsung Galaxy S10

If there is an program which helps you to migrate contacts, call logs, messages, music, photos, videos, apps, bookmarks from an old device to a new device, do you want it? Syncios Data Transfer can satisfy you.

Step 1. Download and install Syncios Data Transfer to your computer. Turn on USB debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy S10. Launch the installed Syncios Data Transfer and use USB cables to connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone/old Android phone to the computer. The program will detect the connected devices soon and display them on its interface.

Step 2. Several options will be displayed on screen, choose Phone to Phone Transfer from the start-up interface. Make sure the old device is on the left as the source device and Galaxy S10 is on the right as the target device.

phone data transfer tool

Step 3. After data loading, select contents from the middle box and click on Next to copy file from another phone to Samsung Galaxy S10 directly.

transfer all data from iphone to Samsung Galaxy S10

The End: To transfer WhatsApp to the new Samsung Galaxy S10, you must have tried many solutions. We've listed all solutions in this article above, hope one of them could help you. Have a try now!