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3 Ways to Transfer iPhone 11 Contacts to Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is an important component of Microsoft Office Software Suite, which extends the function of Windows’s native functionality— Outlook Express. Outlook is multifunctional. For the reasons that it can not only be used to send and receive e-mail but also manage contact information, keep a diary and arrange our schedule. As we all know, iPhone is really fit for a workplace for its native functions. So if you are an office worker who use Outlook every day, and meanwhile you are an iPhone owner. Have you ever worried about how to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to Outlook? Don’t worry! Now follow this article to know about how to transfer contacts in your new iPhone 11 to Outlook.

iPhone 11 and Outlook

Method 1. Transfer iPhone 11 Contacts to Outlook via Syncios

We always prefer to solve the problem with the easiest way. In this connection. Syncios iPhone Manager should be recommended to all of you, which is a powerful but free mobile assistant. It can help you directly export contacts from iPhone to Outlook. Besides, it can simply new, delete, backup and recover data between two mobile phones or between a phone and a computer.

Step 1 First of all, download and install Syncios iPhone Manager, launch the software and connect both your iPhone 11 to the computer.
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Mac Version

Step 2 In the following page, there are five options Media, Photos, Ebook, Apps and Information on the left panel. Press ‘Information’ > ‘Contacts’ button, and if you just want to transfer part of the contacts in your iPhone, pick target contacts manually, then press ‘Backup’ > ‘Backup Selected Contact(s)’ button.

Step 3 You can find that Syncios support to export certain contact as a Single/Multiple vCard File, CSV File and XML File. The most convenient thing is that we can directly backup contacts to Outlook. Press ‘to Outlook 2003/07/10/13’ button to begin contacts transfer. Wait till complete and open Outlook, your iPhone 11 contacts have been added to the list.

export contacts to Outlook via Syncios

Method 2. Transfer iPhone 11 Contacts to Outlook via iCloud

In short, iCloud is a private cloud space service provided by Apple which has built into every Apple device. It aims to become the best place for phone data. iCloud supports automatically synchronize data between user devices(iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac), making it easier to operate and giving better user experience than Apple's traditional iTunes solution. In that way, how can we transfer iPhone 11 contacts to Outlook via iCloud? Let’s read together.

Step 1 Download iCloud from Apple official website.

Step 2 After downloading iCloud in your PC, enter your Apple ID to sign in iCloud. Select the functions and content that you want to keep up-to-date between your devices. So we check ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks with Outlook’ option and press ‘Apply’ option. Unlock your iPhone, go ‘Settings’ > ‘Sign in to your iPhone’ to sign in your Apple ID and turn on ‘Contact’ option to enable iCloud to synchronize automatically.

transfer contacts to Outlook via iCloud

Step 3 Go to iCloud.com, choose 'Contacts icon' button, click ' Gear icon ' icon, and then pick ‘Select All’ option to mark all contacts that you want to export. Then click ' Gear icon ' icon again, click "Export vCard" option to copy the contacts as VCF files. Then you can convert them into CSV files and import them into Outlook.

Method 3. Transfer iPhone 11 Contacts to Outlook via iTunes

ITunes is a digital media player app for both Mac and PC, which allows users to make their music playlists, edit file information, record CD, download Podcast and etc. Also, you can synchronize Music, Photos, Contacts, Bookmarks and some other data from your iOS devices. Now follow these steps to transfer iPhone 11 contacts to Outlook via iTunes.

Step 1 Firstly, connect your iPhone 11 to computer via USB. Launch the iTunes and you will find there is an icon on the top left corner of the page like 'phone icon' , Press the icon, the following screenshot will appear. Click ‘Info’ > ‘Sync Contacts with’ > ‘Outlook’ > ‘Apply’ to sync your iPhone 11 contacts with Outlook.

syn iPhone contacts to Outlook via iTunes

Step 2 Close iTunes and open Outlook, then click the 'Contact' tab. You can see your iPhone 11 Contacts are in the list.


Now we know how to transfer iPhone contacts to Outlook. There are three ways: via Syncios, via iCloud and via iTunes. As what you can see, Syncios iPhone Manager is the best answer of this question for its clear classification and simple operation. And what you have to know is that our Syncios iPhone Manager is not only a data management tool but also a handy Audios/Videos downloader and ringtone maker.

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