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How to Delete Photos from iCloud

Apple iCloud provides us a great icloud storage service to allow us to store our contacts, calendars, bookmarks, mail messages, notes, documents, My Photo Stream, share iCloud photos and also enables us to backup our iPhone data. Sure, it is so nice but...You may heard of the news about Apple iCloud accounts that belong to some celebrities which were being hacked, and their photos circulated the internet. You may say "I'm just a common guy, not a celebrity,. No one would be interested in my embarrassing photos." That could be true. But maybe not.

So here are some tips on how to delete photos from iCloud. To avoid data loss, you need to backup your photos first:

• Backup – Please make sure that you have backed up the photos to an external memory card or location from where they can be retrieved whenever needed before deleting photos from iCloud storage/backup. You can also use Syncios Free iPhone Backup Tool to do this.

Note: to delete all of your photos permanently from your iCloud account, you need to delete them from My Photo Stream and Shared Stream, and disable all three services from our device.

Part one: Delete photos from My Photo Stream.

Go to your Photos App and tap on the Albums icon at the bottom, find a folder named My Photo Stream, go inside and delete ALL the photos there.

delete photos from iCloud photo streamdelete photos from photo stream

Part Two: Delete photos from Shared Stream.

Go to your Photos App and tap on the Shared icon at the bottom. To delete everything listed here, you can do this by going in to each of the stream and delete from there, or by selecting Edit mode and tap on all the Red delete icon.

delete iCloud shared stream

Part Three: Disable iCloud Photo Sharing and My Photo Stream

Go to your Settings app then navigate your way to the following: iCloud -> Photos, turn off both My Photo Stream and Photo Sharing.

disable iCloud shared stream and photo sharing

You could completely delete photos from iCloud now.

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"Is there is any possibility to get iCloud's photo stream to our Windows PC other than iTunes? " The most easiest way to access and download photos in iCloud Photo Stream to Windows PC is using Syncios Free iPhone Manager, which makes export iCloud Photo Stream to PC quickly and easily.

Win Version
Mac Version

Method One: Download iCloud’s Photo Stream to A Windows PC Directly through Syncios Free iPhone Manager.

  • Connect your iOS device to the computer and run this Syncios Free iPhone Manager..
  • Click "Photos" tab on the left panel of Syncios, find "Photo Stream" in the right panel, and then choose the photos you want and click "Export" button.

Get iCloud’s Photo Stream to A Windows PC

Method Two: Download iCloud Photos to Computer through iCloud Account.

Simply go to Toolkit > Device Management > Photo Stream, enter your Apple ID and password to log in to your iCloud account via Syncios.

 To get iCloud's photo stream to Windows PC.

  • Select photos on iCloud‘s Photo Stream you want to download to PC.
  • Click Export button.
  •  Browse output location and export selected photos from iCloud Photo Stream to your computer.

Note: Double-click the icloud photo stream in Syncios, you are able to preview the iCloud Photo.

download iCloud’s Photo Stream to A Windows PC

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