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How to Transfer Contacts SMS Apps Photos and More to OnePlus 5

The latest flagship of OnePlus from the Chinese company, the OnePlus 5, has been released on June, 20th. Yes, there is no OnePlus 4, since the number 4 is related to death in Chinese culture. The OnePlus 5 ships with Snapdragon 835 and dual camera system, and the OnePlus 5 is the company's thinnest flagship ever, measuring just 7.25mm. And the company claims that with 8GB ram and 64/128GB UFS 2.1 storage the handset would be fast enough and never lag.

oneplus 5

OnePlus series are known as the flagship killer and performance beast. Just like their slogan: Never settle. Once you got the new OnePlus 5, the first thing you need to do is to sync your old phone data to it so that you won't lose any needed data. You may wonder if there are some easy ways to seamlessly sync all data from the old phone to your new OnePlus 5, and that's what this tutorial is gonna to talk about.

Before we started, of course, we need a third-party tool to help us: Syncios Manager, a great handy tool that supports backing up and restoring your smartphone data selectively for free. Besides, if you upgrade to the Ultimate version, you are allowed to transfer all contents including contacts, call logs, messages, photos, music, videos and more from one phone to another with one click, cross-platform supported as well. What's more, you can restore data from iCloud/iTunes backup to your Android/iOS phone with the Ultimate version. And there are many other tools on the Toolbox with the free version, such as ringtone maker, audio/video converter, YouTube video download, etc. You can check the differences between free version and Ultimate here.

Part 1. Free version supports backing up and restoring data selectively.

Step 1.Download and intall the Syncios Manager.

  • Download and install the free Syncios Manager on your computer.
  • Launch the program, connect your old phone to computer via USB cable.
  • After Syncios detect your device successfully, you can check the contents by clicking the options on the left panel, and Syncios Manager will display the data correspondingly.

Win Version

syncios manager

Step 2.Backup the data from old phone to your computer then restore it to your OnePlus 5

  • On the top of every category, there are Backup or Export button which are used to backup the data to computer.
  • Similarly, you can click on the Restore or Add button to move the data from your computer to your new OnePlus 5.
  • And with all these steps done, you can transfer all desired data from your old phone to the new OnePlus 5.

syncios manager

To transfer data from old phone to the new OnePlus 5 much easier, the Ultimate version supports transferring data from one device to another with only one click. Check the details below:

Part 2. Ultimate version supports one-click phone to phone transfer

Step 1.Upgrade to Ultimate version first.

  • Upgrade to the Ultimate version to activate more features. Then click on the Data Transfer button on the homepage.
  • The data transfer program would pop up, simply select Phone to Phone Transfer mode. Then connect both of your old phone and OnePlus 5 to computer via USB cables.
  • The Android phones can also be connected with WiFi networks, and the program would load data automatically after connected successfully.

syncios ultimate

Step 2 : Transfer Data from old phone to OnePlus 5

  • After the program complete loading data, you are allowed to select the contents to move to your new OnePlus 5 on the middle of the panel.
  • Make sure your old phone was listed on the left(source) while OnePlus 5 on the right(target). Simply click Start Copy after check all desired contents. After a while, all of the data will be transferred to your new OnePlus 5.

Note: Please do not disconnect either phone during the transferring process in case of unknown error occured.

move data from old phone to OnePlus 5

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