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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from Old iPhone to iPhone 8/X

WhatsApp now is a must on our daily life, we chat with our friends, family and colleagues on it. This instant messaging app has become the most popular chat app all over the world. Considering we use the app to contact others very often, the WhatsApp messages can be very important to us. When you switched to a new device, I guess you need the conversations go with you as well so that you can access it directly on your new device. So if you are looking for a method to easily make it, then you find the right place. This article is here to give you great options to transfer WhatsApp messages from your old iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s, SE and 7/7 plus to a new iPhone, including the latest iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X.

transfer whatsapp data to iphone x

tip Solution 1. Transfer WhatsApp messages from old iPhone to iPhone 8/X via iCloud.

For iPhone users, WhatsApp offers a build-in chat history migration method, Apple's iCloud. But it's not a direct WhatsApp messages transfer, you need to backup the chat history to iCloud, then restore it from iCloud to your new device.

Step 1. Open Settings on your old iPhone, tap on your Apple ID on the top, find iCloud, slide down to find iCloud Drive, turn it on, and make sure WhatsApp option is turned on as well.

whatsapp icloud settings

Step 2. Back to WhatsApp, tap Settings, find Chats > Chat Backup, and tap on Back Up Now to backup your messages to iCloud. You can also set your chats to be backed up automatically every week, every month, etc.

whatsapp icloud settings

Step 3. Log in WhatsApp account on your iPhone 8 or iPhone X, after checked your phone number, it will give you an option to Restore Chat History, simply tap on it and restore the chat history backup back to your iPhone 8/X.

tip Solution 2. Directly transfer WhatsApp messages from old iPhone to iPhone 8/X.

Backup and restore WhatsApp chat history with iCloud is not that convenient, the restore process requires you re-install WhatsApp on your iPhone. Is there any way to directly transfer WhatsApp messages from old iPhone to iPhone 8/X? Of course, we have a great option here. Syncios iOS Data Transfer, designed for transferring data among iOS devices, iCloud, iTunes and computer directly, make it much easier to transfer data including WhatsApp messages from an old iPhone to a new one. Yes, only three steps needed to transfer WhatsApp messages from your old iPhone to iPhone 8/X, that is: Connect-Select-Transfer. Find the details below.

Step 1: Connect

Install the latest version of the program on your computer from below, launch it, select Transfer mode on the homepage. Then connect both of your old iPhone and new iPhone X to the program.

Win Version
Mac Version

Step 2: Select

After both phones connected successfully to the program, ensure that old iPhone is listed on the left while the iPhone X on the right (Target Device) panel. If not, click on Flip button to switch the device positions. Then select the WhatsApp option on the middle of the panel to transfer from old iPhone to iPhone 8/X.

whatsapp message transfer

Step 3: Transfer

With all the steps done, simply press Next button, before long, all your WhatsApp messages will be transferred successfully to your iPhone 8/X.

whatsapp message transfer finished

Summary: Syncios Data Transfer is a direct phone to phone data transfer tool, no medium needed, it's very easy to use, and the transfer process is simple and fast. You can transfer your WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another whenever you want.

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