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How to Recover Deleted Messages to Your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Although now there are massive messaging apps all over the world, the build-in message app is also be widely used. As one of the basic functions of phones, we sent important information to our family, friends, workmates, etc. with messages. If you are an iOS user, iMessage brings you great new features on the latest iOS 10 and above version. However, sometimes, you may suffer from data loss due to some reasons, like deleted messages mistakenly, iPhone got broken, lost, wet or a version upgrade failure. And unfortunately iPhone doesn't give you opportunity to recover them.

If you have experienced the loss of messages we mentioned above, and now need to recover them, since messages sometimes can do us a great favor under some embarrassed situations. For example, messages can be used as evidence on a court case, or find out if your boy/girl friend was cheating on you. So how to recover these lost messages from your iPhone, no worry, in this article we give you some great options to bring your lost messages back.

recover messages to device

Before we started, since we are not able to recover these deleted messages/SMS via iPhone itself, we need a data recovery tool to help us with that. Syncios iOS Data Recovery, a comprehensive data recovery tool that designed for iOS devices with 3 different modes of data recovery. Besides messages, you are also allowed to retrieve Notes, bookmarks, call logs, contacts, videos, photos and WhatsApp conversations to your iOS devices. To recover your lost messages with ease, please download and install the great handy recovery program to your computer. And you should be noted that iTunes needs to be installed on your computer even if you don't have to launch it while recovering data. And find the details below.

Method 1. Recover Deleted Messages to iPhone from iCloud or iTunes Backup

It's always a good idea to backup your phone data regularly in case of data loss. As an iPhone user, if you turned on iCloud backup, your data would be synced to iCloud automatically when connected to WiFi network and a charger. Of course, iCloud has limited storage if you don't pay for more, and you can backup your iPhone via iTunes instead. And if you did this before you lost the messages, now you would have a great chance to bring your lost messages back. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 Scan iCloud/iTunes backup file.

Launch the program after installed successfully on your computer, select Recover from iTunes Backup File or Recover from iCloud Backup File module on the homepage. For iCloud backup, if it's your first time to recover data from iCloud, you need to login your iCloud account and select a certain iCloud backup to download to your computer, then click Start Scan button after downloaded.

You should be noted that Syncios currently doesn't support two-step verification that you need to turn it off.

iTunes backup file list

Step 2 Preview and recover data from iCloud/iTunes backup file.

When the scanning and analyzing process on step 1 completed, Syncios would display all found data on the interface. Simply click on Messages option on the left, you are also allowed to enable Only Display Deleted Item on the top. Look for your desired messages, then press Recover button.

preview messages

You would receive a prompt Recover to Computer or Recover to Device, if you want to recover messages to your iPhone, just connect your iPhone to computer and select Recover to Device. And your iPhone would reboot automatically after the process done.

Method 2. Recover Deleted Messages Directly from iPhone Without Any Backup File

If you accidently deleted the messages without backing up them via iCloud or iTunes, how about now? No worry, Syncios Data Recovery supports recovering data directly from your iOS devices as well. Follow the steps below.

Step 1Scan your iPhone with Syncios Data Recovery.

In this section, you need to connect your iPhone to computer first, select Recover from iOS device module after launching the program, then click Start Scan button, the program will begin scanning all the data on your iPhone, this process would take some time that up to how much data on your iPhone, please be patient.

scan iPhone

Step 2 Preview and recover the lost data.

Once the analysis process is finished, you can preview all found data on the program interface. Click on Messages option on the panel, then all conversations will show up. Similarly, you are allowed to view deleted chats only by clicking on Only display deleted items. After that, simply choose those messages you need, click Recover button.

scan iPhone

Step 3 Recover found data to device directly.

Also, you would receive a prompt Recover to Computer or Recover to Device, just select your desired path and get your deleted messages recovered. And your iPhone would reboot automatically after the process done.

recover messages to iPhone

Note: To increase the success rate of recovering deleted data from iOS device directly, it is recommended that please stop performing any operation to your messages after lost them, like adding new items or deleting some items, once you overwrote the data, the less chance you can recover them.

You can also learn from a video tutorial:


If you lost or accidentally deleted any message from your iPhone, quickly install Syncios Data Recovery to your computer. It enables you to recover data from iPhone device, from iTunes or iCloud backup files. Don’t hesitate! One more minutes you waste will make it harder to recover your data!