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Access and Extract iPhone Backup File

My iPhone broke and it'll take 10 days to have a new one, how can i access to the last backup made from iTunes to visualize all data without my iPhone? Thanks.

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If you want to access and extract the iPhone backup file, then look no further. We will walk you through the process to access the iTunes backup file in the specific directory. iTunes backup file contains your iPhone files and identifier information, like contacts, text messages, SMS, videos, photos, calendar, voice memos, etc. The tricks works for both Windows and Mac OS X.

How to Access iPhone Backup File Location

Note to Windows users: the Application Data and AppData directories and their contents (iPhone backups included) are considered ‘hidden’ so you will need to enable "Show hidden files" within Windows Explorer before you will be able to see the files.

access iTunes backup file

Here's how to display hidden files and folders.

how to view itunes backup file on pc

Once you’re in the backup file directory, you’ll the folder names are almost all unusual and randomized names, like 8749b438d9fa9bc0fb90799e693472b882221b8e, these are all automatically generated. There’s also a few xml files in the directory that have unique identifier information about your iPhone.

Note: Please do not edit any of these iTunes backup files, in case of resulting in malformed backup.

How to Extract Data from iPhone Backup File

If you want to access iPhone backups to extract contacts, text messages, calendars, photos and notes from old iPhone, then try this iPhone backup extractor, both Windows and Mac versions are available.

Step 1. Download iPhone Backup Extractor.

Win Version
Mac Version

Step 2. Run the iTunes Backup Extractor Tool.

Double-click the shortcut to launch Syncios Backup Extractor, in the primary window, click Restore to get into restore from backups window. Select "iTunes Backup".

syncios data transfer

Step 3. Extract iTunes Backup to iPhone or Android Phones.

From the drop-down list, switch to iTunes backup file, all your iTunes backup files will be listed on the left side. Choose the iTunes backup file you want to access, then files will be automatically checked, such as contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, etc.

extract iTunes backup file

Now use USB cable to have the connection between your smartphone and the computer, wait for the program recognizes the device and display on the right of the panel.

Then click Next button, this will bring up the Copy Progress window, you may just for the whole thing ending.

extract iTunes backup data to iPhone

Note: Besides iPhone, iPad, iPod, you can also extract iTunes backup data to Android Phones. For detailed supported devices, you can check here>>.

Should you encounter any problem in using Syncios Data Transfer, let us know in the comments.

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